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Land Rover Series IIA and III Parts

Introduced in 1958 the Series II Land Rover built on the reputation of the original Series I Land Rover which was launched 10 years earlier. With all new 2286cc 4 cylinder petrol or diesel engines from 1961 onwards, leaf springs and drum brakes all round, the Series vehicles were available in two wheelbase options, 88 inch Short Wheel Base or 109 inch Long Wheel Base.

1961 saw the slightly improved Series IIA upgrade, and optional extras such as heaters, door locks and passenger wiper motor were becoming more standard features! The Station Wagon became a more upmarket, passenger carrying, model with extra side-facing seats in the back, and five doors on the Long Wheel Base version. In 1969 the headlights were moved into the front wings to comply with North American regulations. 1971 saw the biggest change, with the introduction of the Series III; effectively the same vehicle as before but with 'deluxe' seats and padded vinyl dashboard, this incarnation was in production until 1984/5 when the all new 90/110 range superceded the Series vehicles. Following on from the 6 cylinder 2.6 petrol engine, the Long Wheel Base V8 'Stage 1' was added to the range in the late 1970s for added grunt.

Chassis and bulkhead corrosion are a factor when considering purchase, but repair sections are for sale on our website. Popular upgrades include the now defunct Fairey overdrive, parabolic leaf springs, servo assisted brakes, unleaded cylinder heads and a myriad of accessory and trim add-on items. The evergreen Series vehicles are ideal for the home mechanic, and most spare parts are readily available today.

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