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Classic Range Rover 1986-95 Models Parts

During the first 15 years of production the 'Classic' Range Rover evolved gradually into a more luxurious four wheel drive vehicle. This was to continue apace for the next 10 years, until the model was superceded by the second generation P38A Range Rover.

1985 saw the introduction of the superb Electronic Fuel Injection (EFi) system, originally in 3.5 litre capacity, later increasing to 3.9 litre and in some cases 4.2 litre. For the first time, a factory-fitted diesel engine option, sourced from the Italian VM factory was offered in 1985/6; the 2.4 VM was later replaced by the 2.5 VM, until Land Rover's own evergreen 200 Tdi engine became available. The final 'soft-dash' vehicles were available with the 300 Tdi engine.

5 speed manual gearboxes were offered during the mid 80s, and the 3 speed Chrysler automatic gearbox was replaced by the 4 speed ZF transmission unit at the same time; the 4-speed unit proved to be enduringly reliable and driveable. Later models mated the ZF box to the chain-driven Borg Warner transfer box.

Leather seats, wood-veneered dashboards, cruise control, ABS, electric sunroof, central locking and Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) were all introduced during the late 1980 and early 1990s, and by the time the last production vehicles rolled of the line in 1995/6, the Range Rover name had become firmly established as one of the all-time best British cars.

Special editions such as the ultra-rare CSK, Brooklands, and the limited 25th Anniversary models are now sought after as luxurious and still-driveable classic vehicles with style and power.

Corrosion is now a problem with these vehicles, although the availability of body repair panels is good, and there is a huge enthusiasm for rescuing and repairing the first generation Range Rover, all over the world.

Here at Famous Four we work tirelessly to maintain existing supplies of parts for the 'Classic', whilst constantly looking to develop new products and re-produce many now obsolete items.

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