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Range Rover 2013 onwards (L405) Parts

With the Range Rover marque passing 40 years and a the previous 'L322' model having endured 10 years, input from three parent companies (BMW, Ford and TATA Motors) with numerous facelifts and improvements, the time came for an all-new Range Rover. That new Range Rover launched at the Paris Motor Show in 2012. Based on a new all-aluminium body shell 'D7u' platform, which it shared with its Range Rover Sport stablemate, the 2013 Range Rover brought new levels of comfort, performance and technology to the marque whilst retaining characteristic off-road capability. Taking styling cues from the previous generation as well as more classical lines, the new body is tall and solid but also more aerodynamic and sculpted with an air of the new 'Evoque' styling but with a more reserved slant.

Several special editions also followed, as well as the more customisable Autobiography edition. In 2014 a Long Wheelbase edition was introduced, harking back to the days of the Classic Range Rover LSE. Also in 2014, a Hybrid version was announced which incorporated an electric storage and drive system alongside the SDV6 diesel engine, regenerating its power when coasting or braking.

Offered with a wide choice of V6 and V8 Petrol (including Supercharged), as well as SDV6 and SDV8 twin-turbo diesels, the Range Rover L405 was not short of power. All models were fitted with 8-speed automatic gearbox, permanent 2-speed 4-wheel-drive transmission and advanced Terrain Response 2 system which automatically senses off road conditions and adjusts the vehicle's transmission, suspension and engine performance accordingly.

The interior offered opulent, richly appointed luxury via leather seats with a myriad of adjustments and comfort options (both front and rear) and extensive use of premium materials. State-of the-art Climate Control, Navigation, In-Car Entertainment and facilities offered first-class levels of driver and passenger comfort.

Options on interior trim were vast with many standard options and also custom selection available for Autobiography customers. Exterior paint and styling was more reserved than the two more sporty models in the Range Rover stable, but a contrast roof option was offered.

A few suspension and part quality issues have cropped up early in the vehicles life but have been addressed largely by factory changes and revised spare parts. As with any modern vehicle, much of the car is computer controlled with driving controls, engine, gearbox and many interior features having multiple dedicated computer modules. Complex diagnostic equipment is required to perform almost any maintenance on the car with only main dealers and well-versed and up-to-speed independent specialists like Famous Four having the facilities to cope with this modern behemoth.

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