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Land Rover Discovery Series II 1999-2004 Models Parts

The success of the original Discovery proved to Land Rover that they had a winning formula. 1998 saw the introduction of the all new Discovery 2, with a brand new 5 cylinder 2.5 litre Td5 engine, mated to the R380 5 speed manual gearbox or an automatic option. A 4.0 litre V8 petrol engine was also offered. On all but the base S model dual climate control was standard. Other driver aids included ABS brakes, optional rear electronic air suspension (EAS) , active cornering control (ACE), cruise control, and a seven seat configuration which for the first time in a Land Rover provided forward facing lock and foldaway third row seats enabling 7 adults to travel safely and in relative comfort.

Mid way through 2002 the 'facelifted' version was launched, featuring larger H7 headlights and upgraded rear lights, along with revised interior trim colours.

The Discovery 2 has proven to be a robust vehicle on the whole, with a few common problems. Leaking sunroofs can lead to stained seats and headlining, as well as sometimes causing problems with the fuse box due to water ingress. Air suspension air bags perish and do need to be replaced every 5 years or so, and the EAS compressors can wear out over time. Wheel bearings are not serviceable and expensive hub replacements are the only fix.

The Td5 engine has a few 'achilles heels' ; occasionally the cylinder head has problems where diesel contaminates the engine oil; this is sometimes cured by fitment of new genuine Land Rover part injector seals or, if that does not cure the problem, a new cylinder head can be the only cure.
Oil contamination of the injector wiring loom can cause engine misfire, and if left unchecked can result in damage to the engine ECU. The fuel pressure regulator can fail, and if unchecked can leak diesel on to the starter motor causing that part to fail. Manual transmission vehicles have a dual mass flywheel which is expensive to replace, and automatic transmissions sometimes fail. All items are offered via our online ordering website.

Over the years the Discovery 2 bodies have proven resiliant, but the chassis are prone to severe corrosion, especially at the back, if not protected. Replacement rear quarter chassis sections are now readily available from our parts stock.

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