Land Rover Series IIA/III

Disc Conversion - Handbrake

Vehicle: Land Rover Series IIA/III

Spec: 4 Cylinder Engine Models ONLY

Equivalent to Part No: DA5537

FF009670 - Disc Conversion -  Handbrake - Land Rover Series IIA/III


£ 234.95 +VAT

Additional Details

Driving off-road you will know how easy it is for the standard Land Rover hand brake to get bunged up with dirt and once the mechanism gets clogged up it does not work as efficiently as it should. Here is a solution to that problem - a drum to disc conversion kit. This kit uses powerful calipers whose mechanism is sealed to prevent the access of mud. Parts are supplied coated with a tough corrosion resistant coating of gold zinc passivate to ensure a long life. Fitting is easy, requiring only simple tools. Full fitting instructions are included as well as advice on adjustment and use. The disc transmission brake uses a state of the art monster sized mechanical caliper designed for agricultural vehicles and earth moving equipment - so using it on a Land Rover is easy work for it. The mechanism is sealed so it will not seize up due to ingress of mud or water and it uses special sintered pads which are resistant to abrasion from mud as well as providing greater friction against the disc than a standard pad. The disc has been specially designed for Land Rovers and manufactured from tough 10mm thick steel. It has a smaller diameter than a standard drum and so does not dangle below the transfer box which helps it to protect it from whatever you are driving over. The caliper mechanism sits in a well protected area at the top, away from most of the mud and water.