Land Rover Series I

Front Footwell Rubber Floor Mats

Vehicle: Land Rover Series I

Spec: 80 Inch Models - 1948-1953

Equivalent to Part No: EXT017-32

FF014294 - Front Footwell Rubber Floor Mats - Land Rover Series I


£ 43.30 +VAT

Additional Details

includes the classic Land Rover logo. designed to fit all 80 inch vehicles, left or right hand drive series one from 1948 to 1953. to install you must first clear the handbrake section by cutting away the lower groove, thus allowing the handbrake boot to sit very neatly onto the mat surface with the matting lipping underneath the boot. the same applies to the pedal section, remove either the left or right hand pedal sections depending on model type and the original boots again sit into the mat. for early chain pull models you will need to simply punch a small hole in the thickened area of the right hand floor mat to allow the chain pull to pass through the mat. these well thought out mats fit very well and are in keeping with the era. thanks to Roger Craythorne who helped with their design and ease of fitting.