Range Rover Sport to 2009 MY

Front Grille - 2010 Autobiography Style

Vehicle: Range Rover Sport up to 2009 MY

Spec: Full Black - badge not included

Equivalent to Part No: RRG513-BBB

Picture pending for FF010766 - Front Grille - 2010 Autobiography Style


£85.00 +VAT

Additional Details

This aftermarket grille LOOKS like a 2010-2013 Autobiography but FITS all 2005 -2009 models ! Same style as the special Autobiography edition grille fitted to some 2010 -2013 models BUT it fits the early models from 2005 -2009 This means you can get the look of the newer model without changing the headlights / bumper / wings etc. as there is no way to fit an original post-2010 grille to a 2005 -09 model car unless you change all the front panels to accommodate the new headlights.