Land Rover Discovery 4

IID Diagnostic Tool - Bluetooth

Vehicle: Land Rover Discovery 4

Spec: Plugs Directly into Standard Vehicle Onboard Diagnostic Port - Connects via USB Interface

Picture pending for FF009181 - IID Diagnostic Tool - Bluetooth


£399.00 +VAT

Additional Details

A revolutionary approach to vehicle diagnostics Integrated Interface Diagnostics Tool Self-contained diagnostic system requiring no extra cables or devices to work with - simply plug it into your vehicle OBD diagnostic plug. > Fast and easy to use > Simply plugs into your standard OBD port operate using your cruise control buttons and dashboard display > Fault reading and clearing > Locked to 1 VIN as standard further unlocks available if required > Many systems covered including ABS airbags audio BCM engine Hevan instrument pack LCM nav steering angle TPMS transfer case and transmission > Original ECU settings backed up in an internal memory and available when required > 3 additional memory slots available to save your favourite settings > USB port - download future updates as they become available > Includes all EASControl functions too If available on vehicle model

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