Land Rover Discovery 3

IID Diagnostic Tool - Bluetooth

Vehicle: Land Rover Discovery 3

Spec: Plugs Directly into Standard Vehicle Onboard Diagnostic Port - Connects via Bluetooth

Picture of FF009180 - IID Diagnostic Tool - Bluetooth


£425.00 +VAT

Additional Details

Fast easy to use and highly portable. Standard diagnostic functions are VIN lock free whereas advanced diagnostic functions such as programming and ECU flashing etc are VIN locked to 1 vehicle. Operates with iOS and Android (IIDControl App) PC and MAC (IIDUpdater). Faults read and cleared service reset suspension calibration live data display manual component activation system configuration personalisation and more…. The perfect diagnostic tool for workshop and professional use. Full diagnostic capability including system and component calibration vehicle programming and personalisation (CCF) and ECU flashing. Fast comprehensive easy to use and extremely portable. Support provided by Gap Diagnostic’s industry leading support team.