Land Rover 90/110 and Defender

Anti-Theft Lock - Pedal Lock

Vehicle: Land Rover 90/110 and Defender

Spec: RHD - Non Aircon Models ONLY - upto 6A999999

Equivalent to Part No: XDEF PEDAL LOCK

WARNING: This item is only suitable for a specific range of VIN/Chassis numbers. Please verify application before ordering. More Info...
FF008772 - Anti-Theft Lock - Pedal Lock - Land Rover 90/110 and Defender


£155.00 +VAT

Additional Details

This Pedal Lock prevents the clutch, brake and throttle pedal from being operated, making a vehicle quite hard to drive! Unlike similar products, this one remains bolted to the floor of the vehicle. When not in use, it folds flat on the floor enabling it to be covered with your usual floor mat. This means you do not have to store a 20kg lump of metal when not in use. It also means that locking is very quick. Simply release the catch which holds it against the seat box and slam it against the pedals. A 10mm thick steel claw grabs the brake pedal shaft and ratchets in tight against it. It can be locked in a couple of seconds! To unlock, turn the key which releases the pedal and fold flat on the floor. The Pedal lock is supplied in tough, corrosion proof 304 Stainless Steel and uses formed hinges with a 6mm stainless pin. Stainless is one of the most difficult materials to cut with a disk cutter. It took 4 disks to cut one in half! It is supplied with an anti-drill, British Made Lowe & Fletcher RPT Lock.