FourSport-Off Road

Bow Motor 1 - Replacement Winch Motor 12V

Spec: 5.6HP 4000RPM - State Winch Details Before Ordering

Equivalent to Part No: BOWMOTOR1

FF008588 - Bow Motor 1 - Replacement Winch Motor 12V - FourSport-Off Road


£195.00 +VAT

Additional Details

The 5.6HP Bow motor is available in both 12V & 24V & can be universally fitted to most electric winches. Designed to provide high power & torque levels with incredible reliability & at a respectable price tag. The Bow motor also features a low amperage draw when compared to other commonly used motors such as the Warn XP 6HP unit. These motors offer greater low speed and mid range torque, and have a slower off line retrieval speeds than the Warn XP or Bowmotor2. The Bowmotor 1 is a very resilient motor and is favoured for “Over-Volting” (this is when 24v is passed through 12v motors) by many top crews. Suitable for Most Electric winches with splined drive gear If fitting to the older Warn 8274 with a keyway type armature shaft, then you will also need to replace the pinion gear with the later type Splined Pinion Gear (FF009666) Benefits of the 5.6HP Bow motor are: - Availability in Both 12 & 24 Volt 5.6HP providing great power & torque 4000rpm Off Load Speed Impressive reliability Lower power consumption (Compared to Warn XP 6HP motor) Great value price tag