Land Rover 90/110 and Defender

Adjustable Steering Damper


Vehicle: Land Rover 90/110 and Defender

Equivalent to Part No: TF833

FF007463 - Adjustable Steering Damper - Land Rover 90/110 and Defender


£56.50 +VAT

Additional Details

For specialist off-road use, this tough twin tube design allows for a large volume of oil for cooler internals and improved protection of working parts. Low-pressure nitrogen foam cell for increased performance. 50/50 valving for equal damping lock to lock. 36mm piston, 54mm outer tube and 16mm shaft diameter. High quality deep silver powder coated finish for long lasting looks. Terrafirma return to centre (RTC) steering damper is an uprated steering damper but most importantly by incorporating an external coil spring the self centering action is greatly enhanced. Especially important when using larger than standard tyres at lower than normal pressures. The RTC steering damper significantly improves road manners and handling increasing the speed at which the steering returns to straight ahead.